for some time I've been thinking about daily questioner, so here are the first 5
(will update with more questions to come)

1. Interesting word you learned today?
2. Favorite letter\syllable in a language you learn? (name all of them, if many)
3. Your desk motto (in a language you learn)?
4. Textbook(s) you currently use and why?
5. How is your daily(weekly) studying routine usually looks like?
6. Do you use language for your work?
7. Do you read literature (fiction or non-fiction) in target language?
8. Are you talking with natives?
9. Do you write in your target language? (whatever it could be)
10. Special seasonal words?
11. In what circumstances you first decided to learn this language?
12. Have you ever quit or thought you gave up on learning?
13. Who is (are) your favorite teacher? (real teachers\bloggers\your friend - whoever)
14. Have you tried to teach someone basics of the language?
15. In short about your language writing system?
16. Song you like from the original artist?
17. Poet you like who writes in your target language?
18. Hardest part? (writing, reading, speaking, listening; something else may be?)
19. Interesting phrase you discovered today?
20. Name of your favorite flower?
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